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The XXV White Nights International Marathon is held to promote healthy lifestyles, introduce people to regular physical training and sports, with a view to further development of friendly international relations in sports and tourism, and to identify the strongest marathoners of St. Petersburg.

The Marathon is held on Juny 29 th 2014 in the city of St. Petersburg. Start date and time: Juny 29

at 9.00 a.m The start and finish of the Marathon will be at Dvortsovaya Square (Palace Square). The Marathon course runs along the embankments, avenues and streets of St. Petersburg, past the historical monuments. Awarding ceremony will be held on Juny, 29th at 18.00 p.m.at Zimny Stadium (Winter Stadium) (2, Manege Square).

Traditionally, the Marathon begins with pasta!
Before running a long distance each sportsman needs to get carbohydrates and in this sense there is nothing better than a good Italian dinner on the eve.

We are inviting all the participants, supporters and friends to join us at the dinner after the registration in the sports complex.
By presenting of the registration number each Marathon runner gets a voucher to the dinner which will take place here, in Yubileynyj. See you in the Yubileynyj sports complex!

Marathon course:
DVORTSOVAYA SQUARE Admiraltejsky Prospect Dekabristov Square Anglijskaya Embankment - Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge - University Embankment Birzhevaya Square Makarova Embankment - Tuchkov Bridge Dobrolubova Prospect Kronverksky Proliv Embankment Petrovskaya Embankment Petrogradskaya Embankment - Aptekarskaya Embankment - Professor Popov Street Pesochnaya Embankment 1st Krestovskiy Bridge Petrogradskaya Street Vyazovaya Street - Krestovsky Prospect Petrovsky Bridge Petrovsky Prospect- Zhdanovskaya Embankment Dobrolubova Prospect Birzhevoy Bridge Birzhevaya Square Dvortsovy Bridge Anglijskaya Embankment - Pryazhka River Embankment- Lotsmanskaya Street Right-hand Fontanka River Embankment - Nevsky Prospekt Alexander Nevsky Square - Sinopskaya Embankment - Smolnaya Embankment Robespierre Embankment Kutuzova Embankment Dvortsovaya Embankment Dvortsovy passage DVORTSOVAYA SQUARE.

Competition management:
The Marathon is organized and held by the Saint-Petersburg Administrations Office Committee for Sport and Physical and the Saint-Petersburg Athletic Federation.
Marathon Director: Mikhail Kochetkov
Marathon Presiding referee: Anton Uyk, All-Union Category referee
Marathon Chief Secretary: Vadim Soloviev, the Republican Category referee

Participants and Program
Competitions for men and women are held on distances:
- 42km 195m
- 10km.

All comers with a doctor's permit are welcome to become the Marathon participants. For foreign participants the doctor's permit is not required. Men and women born 1996 and older are allowed to participate.

The limit on 6 km - 1 hour, the limit on 30 km - 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Cash prizes and diplomas instituted by the Saint-Petersburg Athletics Federation are awarded to:
42km 195m distance.
Men ranking from 1st to 8th and women ranking from 1st to 6th place (absolute championship), as well as men and women from 1st to 3rd place in their age groups:



-20 (1996-1992)
-40 (1974-1970)
-45 (1969-1965)
-50 (1964-1960)
-55 (1959-1955)
-60 (1954-1950)
-65 (1949-1945)
-70 (1944 and older)
W-20 (1994-1992)
W-35 (1979-1975)
W-40 (1974-1970)
W-45 (1969-1965)
W-50 (1964-1960)
W-55 (1959-1955)
W-60 (1954-1950)
W-65 (1949 and older)

10km distance.
Men and women ranking form 1st to 3rd place (absolute championship), as well as men, women, juveniles from 1st to 3rd place in the age groups as follows:



-18 (1996 and younger)
-65 (1949-1945)
-70 (1944-1940)
-75 (1939-1935)
-80 (1934 and older)
W-18 (1996 and younger)
W-65 (1949-1945)
W-70 (1944-1940)
W-75 (1939-1935)
W-80 (1934 and older)

Awarding ceremony is held on Juny 29th, at 18.00 p.m. at 2 Manege Square (Winter Stadium).

Disabled sportspeople are awarded under a special Provision.

Disabled sportspeople are allowed to compete as individuals. All comers are welcome to participate. The entry fee for athletes from Russia: for marathon distance - 500 rubles, for 10km distance - 300 rubles. For participants of the following age groups: M-17, M-18, M-65, M-70, M-75, M-80, M-85, W-17, W-18, W-60, W-65, W-70, W-75, W-80 - 50 rubles, provided 10km distance start. For Participants of the Great Patriotic War, the Residents of the Blockaded Leningrad free of charge. For foreign nationals - 35 euros. All expenses for participation in the marathon shall be borne by sending organizations or athletes themselves. Nonresident athletes should advise of the need for accommodation in St. Petersburg before May 15th.

Organizing Committee Address:
191186 Russia, St. Petersburg, 22 Millionaya Street Saint-Petersburg
Administrations Office Committee for Physical and Sport, "ERGO WHITE NIGHTS" MARATHON
Phone/ fax: (812) 312-90-15, (812) 335-69-04, 493-21-20
www.wnmarathon.ru, www.spbfla.ru
info@wnmarathon.ru, whitenights1@mail.ru, start2009@startspb.ru

Applications taking and registration of participants of the marathon:
Register athletes held June 27 and 28 at the Palace of Sports "Jubilee", Prospect Dobrolyubova 18 from 10:00 to 20:00.

Marathon Director
Mikhail Kochetkov

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